Elliot Peck – Freestyle Team Rider

D.O.B: 16/06/1998
Started Windsurfing: 2010
Favorite Moves: Spock, Flaka
Equipment: Patrik Freestyle 90 and Sailloft Quad
Local Spot: Rye Watersports

Elliot started windsurfing only a few years ago when he went down to his local club (Rye Watersports) for kayak hire and saw some windsurfers in action. After the first time he tried it, he got instantly hooked and ever since that moment was windsurfing at his local club, no matter the weather. He still windsurfs at this spot as it is an ideal location to practice freestyle due to the flat water and its great atmosphere.

After a few years of windsurfing at Rye Watersports he decided to purchase his own kit, so after contacting Adam Sims he was pointed in the direction of PATRIK.  Since then he has never looked back and still finds the PATRIK Freestyle 90 amazing as to what it can do.   Elliot believes being on PATRIK and Sailloft kit has exceeded all expectations of what he thought was possible and over the last few years has been progressing faster than ever,  now able to consistently land vulcans, spocks and on the way to landing flakas.

Previously competing in T15 events, Elliot had some great result of coming first overall in his class and winning several races.   Since then he has been purely dedicated to freestyle and have been training hard to start competing on the UKWA Freestyle tour in 2014.   In 2013 Elliot used his PATRIK and Sailloft kit to complete a 26 mile endurance race for cancer research, coming an extremely close second and also raising over £400 in the process.  His plans for the future are to work as an instructor and to win as many titles on the UKWA tour as possible, the first being 2014 U17 British freestyle champion, before competing on the PWA world tour.

Check out some of Elliot’s action photos below and keep a watch of the news feed for more videos and pictures.


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