Jake Smalls – Freestyle Team Rider

D.O.B: 18/04/1995
Started Windsurfing: 2012
Favourite moves: Vulcan and Forward Loop
Equipment: Patrik Freestyle 90 and Sailloft Quad
Local Spots: Hickling Broad, Norfolk and Aldeburgh, Suffolk


Jake first tried windsurfing at quite a young age during kid’s club on a family beach holiday to Greece.  Each year he would go back and rediscover the sport all over again. Then starting windsurfing on the broads in 2012 he really took to the sport. In the meantime, back in the UK, his main focus was sailing his Topper in local club racing and regattas.  As he grew up, he then moved on to Lasers and RS400 sailing.

His love of all things related to the wind and sea led him to achieve a range of RYA qualifications – Dinghy Sailing and Racing Instructor, Intermediate Windsurfing Instructor, Powerboat/Jet ski/Safety Boat Instructor and most recently his Yachtmaster Offshore.

Of all these disciplines, windsurfing has emerged as his preferred focus and he is now on Kos for his second season teaching with Kefalos Windsurfing.  It was there that he first used and admired Patrik boards and Sailloft sails.  It is no surprise that he was delighted when he was contacted by XPLG, Sailloft Hamburg, and Patrik Diethelm and asked to be a team rider.   If you get the chance, visit him in Kefalos and enjoy sailing Patrik and Sailloft and chatting with Jake over a Mythos after a hard day on the water.

Jake has just taken delivery of his new personal kit for 2015 and has taken it all out to Kos where he will be cranking up his progress by windsurfing at every opportunity.  His current tricks include the Vulcan and the forward loop and he is working on Spock, Flaka and Shaka.

Look out for updates, photos and videos as he develops


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