Jason Clarke – Formula Team Rider

D.O.B: 03/10/1990

Started Windsurfing: 2000

Favorite Moves: Getting across the finish line first!

Equipment: Patrik Formula

Local Spot: Pitsford Reservoir

First tried windsurfing on a holiday in France when I was maybe 10 and just naturally picked it up, when back from the holiday I contacted my local reservoir Pitsford of which I still sail regularly. I decided to get into windsurfing because it looked cool at the time but wasn’t until I progressed I realised it was an amazing rush and met some great friends along the way. I decided to get into the racing scene as living in the middle of the country there’s not much in the way of waves and freestyle wasn’t as well known so it seemed like a logical step. A choice I do not regret as I enjoy windsurfing most when I’m going hell for leather round a circuit with my buddies on the formula windsurfing circuit. Can’t beat a formula windsurf start! Got into Formula racing in 2007 and have loved it, such a great social scene and awesome fun to race.

Over the years I have managed to achieve a long list of Results and achievements these can generally be seen through the history pages of the UKWA , here are a few to date

-Attended Formula World Championships in 2009

-2009 Ranked 3rd overall in UK formula Fleet & 2nd Youth

-2013 ranked 3rd overall in UK formula Fleet after coming back to racing after a university sized break

My weapon of choice is the Patrik Diethelm V3 Formula board and with this my aim is to Become British Champion and then begin to compete internationally again, Other aims outside of racing are to get myself a Patrik Wave board and hit the coast and get some more time having fun in the waves.




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